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Our two, three-hour testing sessions cover the seven MBE subjects (Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Procedure, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Real Property, Torts), providing a realistic preview of the mental and physical challenges you can expect during this portion of the bar exam.

And only BARBRI has studied every single MBE since it debuted in 1972.

You receive personalised feedback on the style of your writing and the substantive pros-and-cons of your answer.

BARBRI International students will sit a simulated essay day exam and a full two-day mock exam prior to travelling to the US to sit the real exam.

The Academy of Law was established in 2015 as an independent entity to provide quality ancillary services to the UAE and Middle East legal community.

We’ve reviewed, edited and revised them to accurately reflect the most current MBE format.By far, this will be your best predictor of bar exam success.


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