ELIGIBILITY: This program is offered to faculty of current NCDS member academic institutions.

Preference will be given to early-career faculty members who are within five years of their first tenure-track/tenured faculty appointments.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Faculty members interested in the program should submit proposals by April 7, 2016. Documents should be in a 10 or 12-point font with one-inch margins.

The proposal should be understandable to readers from outside the field of study and must clearly spell out the expected benefits of collaborating with the NCDS.


39:4-98.19 outcallznla, latinasexvids football wilpaper looking for a free website that hep me with a my digital homeork csx webconnect there is mack hick dodge best [email protected] Proposals should be submitted using the form on the NCDS website.Submissions which do not address one of the above topics will be considered, although they will be expected to address a particularly novel or innovative data science question.SELECTION: A committee comprised of NCDS members will use the following criteria to evaluate proposals and select award recipients: NOTIFICATION: All those who submit proposals will be notified of their status by April 22, 2016.

Awardees will be expected to present a prospective outline of their research plans, a mid-year status report, and an end of term summary.

Facilities and administrative expenses (i.e., “overhead”) will not be supported under this program.


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