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Each woman has a fetish specialities, along with needs and desires.

By “needs and desires” I really mean “resources to juggle.” This is a clicker game, after all.

If you have any symptoms or concerns about your health you should consult your GP or visit a GUM clinic – what’s written here is to raise awareness and not to be taken as medical advice!

STIs Getting an STI isn’t shameful or uncommon, but it’s still best avoided.

(You can watch me play through about 30 minutes of the intro over at Kotaku US if you'd like.) In , you play as a manager who handles a cam girl operation.

From the outset, you’re asked to hire new women to start your cam girl empire.

is a game all about ‘cam girls,’ that is, women who entertain viewers on the internet. It’s ostensibly a parody of the clicker genre, which has gained some popularity in recent years with breakout hits like has a saucy premise to hook you in.

In this case, the shows put on by these women are all sexual. Whether or not it keeps your attention, however, is a whole different story.

What a girl can do is also determined by the objects she carries: a butt plug might for example open up an entirely new type of fetish for that character to cater to.Women can be sent off into a variety of different facilities, which will net you different resources depending on a girl’s stats.The more fans a cam girl has, for example, the more money she’ll make while at the studio. The faster you click, the more resources you get, the better you do.

Over and over, the game asks you to click on icons and watch numbers go up.It comes across as yet another video game that makes sex workers into punching bags that you can exploit for personal gain.


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    The first thing that struck me was the size of her nipples.

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    Omegle has gotten with the program in the sense that they have a moderated section (for ages 17 and under, or just for those who want good, clean fun), and an unmoderated section where it is inevitable that you will run into chatters who are nude and/or performing sexual acts.

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