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One could argue that Richie was only “holding up a mirror” to a certain segment of society, and maybe that’s true – but what kind of person holds up a mirror to an insane leper?

Along the way, Richie rode the gossip site – and its multi-market offshoot, – to a weird kind of digital-age celebrity, marrying Lorenzo Lamas’ actress daughter.

There’s no mention of the 0,000 he paid rap star Ludacris to play a 45-minute set at his star-studded Christmas party four years ago, or the million settlement he reached with the state of Texas in the midst of an investigation into his text-messaging company, Jawa, for fraud and improper billings.

And you want to argue that “C” grade on your term paper? After all, how would air travelers at Sky Harbor that day know Steinmetz was a non-murderous brain researcher, and not a wacko bent on bloodshed? One of them might have conceivably ripped the rifle off his shoulder and gone all Scarface on Terminal 3. He was more interested in showing us all what a bunch of craven sissies we are for not having AR-15s of our own.

And to pick up a venti no-foam latte in the bargain. #5 Jason Hope Jason Hope is a wonderful, charitable human being – and if you don’t believe it, he has nine web domains linking back to his eponymous website,, where you’ll find the following evidence: “Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist and investor located in Scottsdale, Arizona with a passion for...

Not that Ore was a compliant citizen; she was clearly ticked-off that Ferrin stopped her in the first place and later pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. How, then, did the good doctor summon the towering lack of judgment to bring a loaded AR-15 semiautomatic rifle to Sky Harbor International Airport last July, ostensibly while on a “coffee run” at the airport?

The scary part: Take away Ferrin’s handcuffs and tactical advantage, and one gets the very real sense that Ore would have creamed him one-on-one. Peter Steinmetz With a job title like “Program Director of Neuroengineering at Barrow Neurological Institute,” Dr. Naturally, Steinmetz – who was subsequently put on administrative leave at Barrow – was making a statement about his Second Amendment rights, which says more about his egotism than his IQ. Those baristas at Starbucks are overworked and over-caffeinated.And there’s certainly no reference to the 100,000-square-foot castle he’s reportedly building in Scottsdale’s exclusive, double-gated Silverleaf community, complete with its own IMAX screen and moat (see Max AZ, page 136). The interesting thing about Jason Hope is that he’s community-minded, not that he’s carving a footprint the size of Chase Field out of Mc Dowell Mountain. #4 Sheriff Richard Mack The former Graham County lawman is a bit of a discretionary choice for this spot. You don’t need to burn a Starbucks to be an anarchist.


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