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In this region, they will grow either coffee or tea as well as “European vegetables” and strawberries.

They are all very similar, so do some research and see if there is anything unique in a couple of them that you would want to see.

This city has produced many beautiful girls like pad mani kolapuri.

Pad mani kolapuri was a very popular actress of Indian movies. Therefore most of Indian people want to make Kolhapur girls as girlfriend.

Because Kolhapur call girls are in their easy access.

If you are unlucky or don’t have the best balance, you will fall a few times…if you are really unlucky, you may fall down a ravine and land on some rocks (thankfully I didn’t break anything) Meanwhile, the guide will likely be wearing flip flops and not slip one time.

Kinabalu which was rather inconvenient, but that doesn’t diminish how well they performed for so long.

A pair of flip flops from some vendor on the side of the road would have lasted less than one trek.

Also you might consider bringing some DEET based repellent because it’s not available in all areas.


Malaria medication for an extended trip is expensive, takes up a lot of room, can have side effects that negatively effect your trip (sun sensitivity for example) and is not 100% effective.

At the worst you may have to get some cheesy t-shirt in a tourist ghetto or custom made pants, but it will still be very cheap.


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