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A good starting point is to acknowledge at outset that paedophilia creates the spaces of its own being. I am extremely grateful to the Skeptics for affording me the time and space to work through and explore these issues in such a constructive and friendly environment.

Their insightful contributions will certainly help me to refine my thinking, and take account of the different concerns which are threaded through contemporary anxieties about paedophiliac criminality.

Rubber band ball by Chris Young: licensed under CC BY 2.0 It was then time for some tricks with rubber bands.

I stretched two rubber bands as far as they would go, twisted them through each other, knotted them together, and then pulled them apart with a bit of a guitar twang.

In short, where there is no objective form, it is impossible to map and measure content.

This pretty much describes the clandestine world of paedophiliac offending.

Elaine’s current theoretical interests centre on the post-political landscapes of plural policing.

Put another way, it’s a policing strategy which imagines its operational topography as a flat surface upon which the incidence of paedophilia can be plotted, its impact measured, and its precise locations identified.

In place of the Euclidian geometry of the A3 graph paper (and the policing within boundaries that it represents), we were now looking at the multiple landscapes of paedophilia.


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    The early 1700’s rested on the bridge between two technologically different stages of war.

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