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There are always poop bags available so no excuse there, just plain laziness or . My dog club gives poop bags as prizes, but I won't use them because they're not biodegradable.

Plastic bags filled with forever poop is the last thing our planet needs.

And for dogs urinating everywhere it decides, this is just as bad.

I lived on the beach, a wonderful lifestyle which people strive for however I was forced to move away only because of dog owners.

I am writing a petition to hand to the state legislature in hopes of strengthening the dog laws and fines and I only hope you owners learn your dogs are not so precious to everyone.When your dog is ready to poop, all droppings will collect into the bag, with no mess and no leakage, guaranteed. Should we BBQ Dog; Dog owners "never" pick up their dogs crap. These owners may carry their little bags and try to look politically responsible but still never pick this mess up. The problem is you don't get out a brush with soap and water then scrub the area of defecation so of course there's going to be a huge amount of particles of feces left.I highly doubt any of these dog owners would allow their infant child to play in that exact spot if knowing a dog had just pooped there as they know there's always some trail ends left over.Day by day and month over month these dogs would piss in one spot on my retaining wall until the ocean breeze I paid for no longer smelled of the ocean but of dog urine which permeated my home.

I didn't have a dog but my home smelled like dog piss.My little mini revolution in dog poo pick up is to lead by example.



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