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Instant messaging (IM)Instant messaging applications are hugely popular among children, young people and business professionals and are designed to allow friends and colleagues to chat online in real time.Unfortunately, some individuals abuse these applications, sending inappropriate attachments and messages.Hacking Sometimes bullies manage to obtain log in information that they use to hack into their victim’s email or social networking accounts.From here, they commonly send abusive or inappropriate messages to the victim’s contact list.In most cases, IM applications will require you to ‘add’ or ‘approve’ new contacts and use is generally reserved for individuals who already know/are acquainted with one another (it is advisable to not add anyone you don’t know).

If you use the Internet however, you could be at risk of illegal activity or online abuse.

Cyber stalking can include: If you are a victim of cyber stalking, ensure that you keep a record of as much evidence as possible and report the stalking to the police.

If some of the stalking has occurred online, make sure you report the incident/s to the website administrator.

If you are concerned that your child may be vulnerable to online grooming, the following advice may be of use: You should report any incident of online grooming immediately to the relevant law enforcement agency in your country.

In the UK, this falls under the jurisdiction of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).Social networking Social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook provide bullies with an opportunity to embarrass and demean others by either writing a nasty ‘status’, or by making comments or jokes in relation to another person's post.


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    You can send that member a message via the send message button or window, leave a comment on any profile or picture, show interest in another member or use the 'Chat' feature to start a live chat session with that member.

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    No signing up for membership, no paying of any fees and absolutely no advertisements.

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    The only thing that raises an alarm here, is that the OP is asking if it's wrong. You are doing nothing wrong, and have done nothing wrong.

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