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Remember Bryonia is to be used when the joint pains get worse from least motion , complete rest brings relief to pains.

Third great homeopathic remedy for joint pains is Ledum Pal ; this is indicated mainly in gout and is used more for pains in small joints when they are swollen hot and painfull .

Homeopathic remedy Causticum will rank fourth in my list .

It is indicated whenever there is severe tearing pains in limbs which is relieved by warmth , Cold increases all pains.

It is an excellent remedy for pain in finger joints in Rheumatoid Arthritis .

Homeopathic medicine Chinum Sulph is the most indicated medicine when there is sudden onset of Acute Articular Rheumatism – whenever there is sudden onset of sever joint pains all over the body in all articular joints.

Its indication for use are – the joint pains are worse after rest and the pains get slowly better after walking or moving around.

Arnica is indicated when there is extreme pain all over the body and every joint hurts .This is indicated when there is shifting of joint pains and the shifting is so sudden the the patient feels it like electric shocks .


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