Advancements in online dating

Search for love can’t be stopped by any kinds of recession. Just a couple of years ago there were doubts about the future of dating industry, what with the growth of social media.

But as we see now, these fears turned out to be unsubstantiated, as social media actually played the role of a locomotive, powering the evolution of online dating businesses by adapting best features and practices, while streamlining the general process.

In another news, 2016 will see 18.285 people employed in the dating and matchmaking field.

Huffington Post’s investigation shows that internet dating has not been at all affected by the economic crisis, and the pressure it places on consumer pockets.

Another issue was that the majority of dating sites didn’t include the function of being able to upload any profile pictures.

And that is a lot for a multi-billion-dollar industry.

On the other hand, everyone on a dating site is always aware of the main purpose new people join in the fun.

Look back at 2013 and think of mobile devices introduced, or suffocating talks about Google Glass.

Technology has revolutionized the world in almost every way possible.

However, one aspect of our lives involving love and relationships are two things that were unexpected of the advancements we see today.

Such a small percentage of people is hard to image these lives, I mean, how did people live their lives without being able to Instagram their dinners and share funny cat videos?


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