Amish dating bed courtship


I found the theological content to be very intriguing.While many religious groups endorse some sort of "age of accountability" doctrine, the Old Order Amish have a specific age, sixteen, which seems to be a high estimate for when human beings begin to consciously sin.By experiencing the outside world, they work temptations out of their systems and prepare themselves for making their most important life decision: to reject the secular world and be baptized into the Amish church.The film weaves together interviews with several Amish youths who, to varying degrees, embrace popular youth culture, including smoking, drinking and drug use.Is there anything religiously contradictory about bed courtship, and is this a practice that the rest of society might benefit from? A caption in the film states the following: Currently almost 90% of Amish young people will join the Amish church.This retention rate is the highest ever since the founding of the Amish church in 1693.



When a couple is more serious, a boy can visit the girl at her house after her parents have gone to bed on a Saturday night when there’s no church on Sunday.

Upon their sixteenth birthdays, Amish youth, both male and female, are released from Amish restrictions and can explore secular life the devils playground outside of the Amish community.


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