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RBD: La Familia was the first Mexican show shot entirely in High Definition.

The show ran from March 14, 2007 – June 13, 2007, and only lasted 13 episodes.

Before Rebelde, Anahí had starred in Ángeles sin paraíso with Felipe Colombo, star of Rebelde Way.

When she was a child she was the face of a well-known soft drink brand and recorded a song called "Te doy un besito" which was played at the end of a children`s daily programming on Channel 5 in Mexico.[2] [edit] Acting career At the age of 2, Anahí began her career on a Mexican television program called Chiquilladas.In January 2009, Anahí was offered the lead role in Pedro Damián`s novela, Verano de Amor[3] but turned it down.


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