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A limited number of receivers are available at each ceremony.

Convocation at Carleton University CJO - Phe Convocation ceremony (the calling together or the academic assembly^ has its roots in university traditions ot medieval Europe.

Coat of Arms The coat of arms was presented to the University by His Excellency The Right Honourable Ramon John Hnatyshyn, Governor- General of Canada, on November 15, 1992 as part of Carleton's 50th anniversary celebrations. Associate Professor of Italian and Beadle of Convocation Timothy A.

It is described in heraldic terms as follows: "Sable a maple leaf Gules irradiated and charged with an open book Argent; And for a Crest: on a wreath Argent Sable and Gules a Phoenix Gules quilled and beaked Or issuing from flames proper; And for a Motto: Ours the Task Eternal; And for Supporters: on a grassy mount on either side a raven Sable beaked and membered or armed Gules." The open book on the maple leaf signifies that Carleton University is in the nation's capital and that learning is open to all who wish to partake of it. Assistant Professor of Sociology and Beadle of Convocation Michael Fox, M. Associate Professor of Geography and Beadle of Convocation Claudia Persi Haines, Dott.

The Seal of the University is affixed to the diploma as a mark of authentication.

Academic Dress The academic dress of Carleton University results from a compromise between that found in the ancient foundations of Britain and Canada and the American Intercollegiate Code.

Alumni Park Weather permitting, today's Convocation ceremonies are being held outdoors in Alumni Park which was dedicated in 1992, at the initiative of the Carleton University Alumni Association, to commemorate the University's 50th anniversary.

As the senior academic legislative body of the University, it is the Senate which has determined whether the requirements have been met. Professor of Engineering Clerk of Senate and Assistant Marshal of Convocation Tullio C.

The signatures of both the Chancellor and the President of the University appear on the diploma: the Chancellor because of his role in conferring the degree, and the President who, as Chair of Senate, certifies that Senate has enacted the required motion to award the degree.

The Mace The mace is a staff symbolizing authority.

In the days of knighthood, it was a weapon, but after the 1 6th century it became solely a symbol of authority carried by a distinguished member of an assembly. Nesbitt has performed this function for all but one of the University's Convocations.) During the ceremony the mace is displayed on a special stand as an embodiment of the authority of the University.

The arbour under which the Chancellor, the President and Vice-Chancellor, the representative of the Board of Governors and the faculty are seated is a generous gift from the Association.


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