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And after a few minutes of chatting with him, you can ask him if who that girl in the brown jacket is, and if she's here with a boyfriend.

If she's available, now you know the lady's name, and she's seen you with someone in her group, so you're not a complete stranger any more.

Basically, Danes go through all the same steps, but they're very shy, so they do it while drinking a bottle of wine, or sometimes a bottle of vodka. Just be yourself and you never know the girl of your dreams maybe around the next corner. As a danish woman I feel somewhat hurt and misunderstood by the article. Prostitution is legal in denmark, so go there, if that is your only reason for wanting to approach a danish woman.

But were not all like that, i understand that you might have seen us that way but we're not all the same. I mean come on, we are just like every other place, i mean i would love it if a guy would actually ask me out for a cup of coffee, or just say hello, but not many men do that, and i don't want to just wait for someone who will never try.But again not all danes are like that, and i guess it's pretty much a question of preferences and different types of people. Don't silde behind a woman on the dance floor and do the grind and hump thing! when you do talk to girls, make sure they feel its not really my problem, but im sorry to hear people have had bad experiences with danes, but like every other country we got douchebags too. we are private people and there is a sense of ritual. and you arent just talking to them because of their boobs.The tax department will have your number, real fast.

Second of all, Denmark is a very non-hierarchical society, very flat structure.

I think it's fair enough to say most women will prefer a man with a steady job, but saying you have a top management position just means that you have to spend a lot of time working and not as much time with your family and friends. So instead, if you want to impress a Danish woman, talk about how your work benefits society at large, particularly how it benefits people who don't have a lot of resources.


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