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What’s the coffee like: You’ll be productive all day. A testimony to the art of blending substance and style, The Monocle Café, tucked away on the film-set worthy Chiltern Street, is a coffee shop to be treasured. Part café, bar and bicycle workshop, Look Mum No Hands!Though modest in size and menu, this petite hideaway serves Allpress blended roast alongside Swedish pastries and Japanese-inspired dishes. is the cyclist’s choice for a coffee in East London.Don’t get stressy about the service, it’s not great but you now know this in advance so don’t wreck the vibe with menial complaints.After an hour or so, make tracks and head down the Kings Road.And if the walls of plate glass windows on two sides aren’t enough to make you sit down instead of scurrying out with a takeaway cup, the coffee – expertly poured by staff who are miraculously upbeat no matter the hour - will make you want to stick around. With its charming staff, a visit to Fleet River Bakery is like coming home and sinking into a favourite chair. For City-based cognoscente (don’t be shy, we know you’re out there), there’s another branch in EC3. Thanks to its sublimely smooth and fragrant offering, this is the best place in the postcode to prove there’s more to coffee than the burnt and bitter blends more readily available.However, this isn’t just a great place to start your day, it’s a great place to end it too. Flat White is precisely what you want out of your local, hipster coffee den: neither too friendly nor too aloof - I want a coffee not a therapy session to iron out my anxiety - the tiny nook found in the pulsing heart of Soho will quickly become a place you will never tell anyone about for fear of breaking the caffeine-bolstered solace you find here. It's especially popular amongst younger caffeine-cravers - and even has an acceptable number of plug sockets. Why go: A world away from Brixton’s hustle and bustle is a peaceful haven of serenity, where the coffee is intense and the atmosphere anything but.Today we are the market leader and one of the largest independent transporters and marketers of Wholesale Propane in Western and North Central U.


This is home to London Fields Radio, a micro local station that “creates podcasts for the creative community of London Fields”. The vibe is ersatz Australian and the beans come from near neighbours Climpson & Sons, so expect a bonzer flat white. This Covent Garden institution has customers queueing out the door, possibly because there are a very few places to sit inside, hence the long bench out front. A photo posted by Rapha Cycle Club (@raphacycleclub) on Why Go?A barbecue smokes away at the front as locals sip on Bellinis, pick at their food and people watch.


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