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Since communication is really just a matter of talking and listening, it should be simple and straightforward. But, of course, genuine communication involves two people with tender feelings and strong opinions.

The process becomes complicated when a person’s emotions are on the line.

Among the first visiting international composers is Luciano Berio (in October 1975).

James Murdoch later writes about the establishing of the centre in his article 'Euphoric Days' in the The AMC opens its doors to the public at noon on 27 February 1976, officially launched by Senator the Hon. An inaugural concert features Judy Bailey (piano), Don Burrows (flute) and George Golla (guitar).

We imagine you’ve been around folks like this, and after a while you start to feel trapped and tricked, for there’s no give-and-take. “If you really understood me, I wouldn’t have to explain everything to you.” Every heard something like that?

People like this want a sounding board not a soul mate. Although mind-reading earns big ratings on sensational TV shows, it has little to offer within the context of real relationships.

'Australia Music Centre' opened its doors to the public on 27 February 1976 - by this date the Centre had already been operating at its first, spacious premises at The Rocks, Sydney, for several months under the leadership of the AMC's first director, James Murdoch.

The first steps had, in fact, been taken as early as August 1974, when the foundation document was signed by five signatories.



Read also the growing collection of AMC 40 articles on With the establishment of the Australia Council, funds for a music centre become available.

Partners understand each other not by “picking up vibes,” but by dialoging in a clear and direct manner. When it comes to conversation, some people are the equivalent of the scene-stealer in the school play. Many people want to keep conversation light and surface-level.


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