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Up to date, there is yet no provision in any Philippine law or Supreme Court decision, specifically defining whether an online relationship can or cannot be covered under R. In explaining Chapter 50 of the North Carolina General Statute pertaining to Domestic Violence, which has an identical provision on dating relationships with that of RA 9262, the North Carolina Court of Appeals explained that “Read together—and in conjunction with the modifiers ‘casual acquaintance’ and ‘ordinary fraternization’—this language appears to expressly exclude only the least intimate of personal relationships from the definition of ‘dating relationship.’” It said further that “provided that a relationship is not a ‘casual acquaintance’ or results merely from ‘ordinary fraternization, and provided that this relationship is ‘romantic’ in nature ‘on a continuous basis’ and for a sufficient period of time, then it would appear to constitute a “dating relationship.” What remains to be true however is that this issue, as of yet, has not been properly settled in the Philippine legal system.

In our society today, there are thousands of Jessas who find themselves under the abusive hand of the likes of Ramon largely due to the very fast development of technology and society.

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This article is about a city in Northeastern Luzon.

For the municipality in Agusan del Norte, see Santiago, Agusan del Norte.

I have chatted and webcammed with many of them, however it seems to me that 90% of the really pretty ones are on the hunt for one thing sooner or later...MONEY! They'll have multiple profiles or keep popping up using same hot, usually fake, profile pics. Don't take the online game too seriously and DONT send money to someone you never met in person.

Some are very direct and within a few minutes ask for help with food, or "buy me a webcam so we can chat better", or "my dad had a heartattack today, can you help me? I've heard theres even online websites teaching girls how to do it!


According to the prosecutor, it is not a dating relationship because they never had any actual physical relationship. The North Carolina Court of Appeals (NCCA), USA, however has rendered a recent Decision (Thomas v Williams, July 7, 2015) which may give guidance on this issue.While many people before had penpals, who often received handwritten love letters between weeks or months at a time, today online lovers have the benefit of communicating in real-time through electronic messages, which may even include face-to-face conversations through Facetime or video-chatting. In this context then, we ask ourselves how relationships are defined today.


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