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Payment information is only made available to candidates selected for the Matchmaking Event. Only Invited Participants will be given the Matchmaking Event Invitation which details the Time and Venue. ETIQUETTES, MANNERS & GUIDELINES (ADAB & AKHLAQ) 1. No talking with the opposite gender, except during the facilitation process. Your effort and cleanliness may just attract your future spouse instantly. No pictures, videos or any form of recording is permitted throughout the session.

We do not provide the payment information to everyone as we do not want people to assume that they have sufficient number of potential candidates and make payment straight away. The area that we choose would be an indoor area at the venue. You will have the opportunity to speak to spouse one-to-one of your choice. The chaperone that you bring along with you will supervise you. We believe that having a family member to supervise is the best form of supervision. No real names: Just address yourself according to your ID Number. Once the both of you are married you can stare at each other till Jannah (Insha Allah! You will have time to share ALL of your stories after your Nikah! No exchanging of contact details This is an important security measure from other matchmaking events experience.

WELCOME to Destiny Love, A signature selection on loving & relationship platform!

Our service has cover generous high quality speed dating & personal matching service, also include wedding service provide by Glamour Wedding - member of Destiny Love!

But the important thing to realize here is that regardless of whether they ever come to fruition, the mere fact that many people around the world believe these things to be inevitable illustrates just how discontent technology makes us with the present — and also how much we long for constant interaction.

Okay, while might not be the one piloting (or even passengering) the flying car, the engineers at Terrafugia have long been busy perfecting their Lightweight Sport Aircraft (LSA) concept and are currently accepting buyers to the tune of 0,000.

“The whole idea is to address the gap in travel between 100 and 400 miles,” said Cliff Allen, Terrafugia’s vice president of sales.“You could leave your home or office, drive to the nearest GA [General Aviation] airport, convert over to the aviation mode, fly to the airport nearest your destination and drive the last 10 or 15 miles.” No word currently on whether you’ll actually be able to drive/fly (I prefer “flive”) your Terrafugia Transition by year’s end, but you can certainly obtain ownership — and odds are good that you’ll be airborne within the next few years.Given the amount of business traffic between London and Germany, it’s likely that other large hubs will begin to see rail as the preferred method of mass transportation — just look at what’s coming in year 2020.


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    Online dating is also relatively popular among the college-educated, as well as among urban and suburban residents.

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