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“Rather than have people use it or do something with it, they would prefer it to be vacant, which is mind-boggling to us.” This week, the results of an 18-month audit by Dublin City Council identified 151 vacant plots between the canals, along with 131 sites with derelict buildings left unused.Some 40 sites are made up of dilapidated buildings.“When we set up, it was right in the recession: 2010.


“It’s about bringing shoppers to trade markets, because I know the last while there’s been a decline in people purchasing at them, so it’s trying to make it more an event,” says Young says. “We are a creative collective and we focus on event design, creative consultation, we do a lot of festival work; we do large-scale art installations,” says Greene.The Christian Connection website was launched in October 2000 and has since seen countless friendship formed and hundreds of weddings. If you're single and not a member of Christian Connection, why not give the site a try?This site also promotes selected social events run by other Christian organisations.

If you are a Christian organisation wishing to promote an event mainly aimed at single Christians, you may submit your event for listing.

Walk down any main street in Dublin – Leeson Street, George’s Street, Capel Street, Parnell Street – and buildings are empty and wasting away, yearning for use.


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