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Maroulis will present the Ultimate Rocker Showcase, which includes tickets to the musical “Rock of Ages” and a walk-on role in the production.When you’re a broke college student free anything can make you a little weak in the knees.

The two players in the showcase are each shown a prize package where a process similar to an item up for bids takes place.

As of 2009, her total live tournament winnings exceed 0,000.

Her shoe collection has led to her receiving no small amount of media attention.

Her shoe collection has been written about in many articles and she has made several TV appearances to talk about it.


She was featured next to other celebrities such as Fergie and Kelly Rowland in the documentary God Save My Shoes, directed by Julie Benasra. She started it when she was 16 years old and added many unique handbags during her vintage clothing business and while traveling around the world playing poker and added to her collection while she was traveling.

When she started playing live, she found it to be “very different” and had to learn not to let men intimidate her.


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