Dating phpbb

The administrator's link is found at the bottom of the page after you have logged in. I am in the process of having php BB integrated with dating script (im not to techie so bear with me)Simplistically every time a user signs up they are registered within php BB however they only get access if they are in the paid members group - when they go to the forum if they are a paid member then it users their dating script username, date of birth and location - if a user then comes out of the paid group they lose access to the forum but their messages stay there.Here's their paid support link: for commercial license is: USD, refer here: are some paid plugins: version: BB synchronizing with the existing membership: I still would prefer a simple Forum by DS. When its done I will send a link so you can see it John B I suggest to all people interested in a forum into their datingscript site to continue to ask for an integration provided by vlad.


since it would not be integrated really, they would have to make an extra login for the forum.I found a link to: PHPBB Login Integration: Authenticate PHPBB users with site login system, refer here: … I think php BB can be easily integrated and it supports members deletion keeping their topics and posts into the forum.


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