Dating friends of friends

Sometimes the real world looks similar to the game we played, but not always.

When a relationship starts between two strangers (like in our example) they tend to be relatively closely matched in attractiveness.

Or swiping left on women who seemed out of my age range or who live too far away.

Even though I’m already oversubscribed when it comes to friends (sorry, ladies!

While he was speaking, an assistant affixed to each person’s forehead a post-it note labeled with a number between one and ten.

This number signified everyone’s hotness, and the game was to pair off with the highest possible number you could (without looking at your own number).

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With these updates, Tinder and Bumble are moving even deeper into the social networking space, acknowledging that people could use help making all kinds of connections, not just romantic ones.

Since my whole table immediately started to vie for my attention, I suspected right away that I’d lucked out.


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