Dating lindsay lohan talan

Though Wilmer dumped Lindsay before the drama with her alcohol and substance abuse, he was there for her when times got hard.



This pair dated on and off from 2004 to 2006 and have been rumored to be back together all the way up to 2010.Today, Defamer reports that the relationship between DJ Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan has finally been confirmed. At long last, what we all suspected: Li Lo-Ro are a couple. Relevant questions, as they occur to me: Do we care? Madonna and Sandra Bernhardt, meanwhile, never confirmed their supposed trysts.) So we care because it’s culturally significant.If you’re like me, then this is something akin to the report that “Tropic Thunder” has been released in the theaters. Also because, forgive me for being presumptuous regarding things about which I do not know, we care because it seems that Lohan — a gifted actress who had been tugged into a vortex of self-destruction — seems happier, saner, healthier and more engaged than we’ve seen her since, oh, “The Parent Trap.” We care because no one of any substance wants to see the lady flowers of young, promising celebrities in a tabloid glossy these days. My hope is that it’s a good thing, a freeing thing, that it could feel liberating. Lindsay Lohan might be getting married, but she's not about to get all sensible on us just yet - she still knows how to stand out in a crowd.


Here pictured at a party last year, the actress donned this fabulous Fendi dress in a fabulously summery hue.

Two lifetimes, and the lifetime of my cat, to boot.


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