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You can then download the file for sharing or printing.Although the image that you see below is low resolution, when downloading the file it will be a much higher resolution.To help increase awareness about Teen Dating Violence and domestic violence just click on the images of the front and back of the images below to download the TIFF files for printing (600 DPI).(Note: These educational cards are available in both English and Spanish so make sure you select the right files!Note: The information from each of these mini-infographics is also incorporated into the full infographic available at the bottom of this section.


We designed these tools to align with our strategy of preventing dating abuse through Awareness, Education, and Advocacy.

Have you been or are you currently in a dating relationship? In addition, there is a 20 yes/no question survey that will rate ' How Good of a Partner' you are based upon your responses.

This website is another source of statistics and information about Teen Dating and Violence.

(See below for high-resolution images suitable for professional printing) The front of our teen dating violence educational cards list '10 Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship' and on the back are safety tips and the toll-free number to call our friends at the National Dating Abuse Helpline (available 24/7).

These are the same educational cards located above but at a much higher resolution for professional printing.

There is an option to chat live, text or even call a peer advocate.


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