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Hey folks I've been looking all over the internet, but cannot find the build date of this rifle. Although the CRF feature may have been introduced in the Super Grade version of the M70 previously, the BOSS and CRF of the M70 Classic were both introduced around 1992.

Production reached 125,419, according to most factory records, with an additional 32 guns assembled after 1979.

My best guess upon reading the posts here is that it's a 1994 model but I am not really sure.

Further study shows the subject to be of almost unbelievable complexity." Homer Powley I just purchased a used Model 70 Classic DBM-S in .270 with serial number G32XXX and have been trying to get a build date as others have.

Thanks in advance, Tony Hello, I am a new member I have been reading this forum for over a year.

Decided to join and had a little problem posting but someone at [email protected] fixed the problem. Now my question I have just picked up a Winchester Mdl. It has a s# of G216XXX could someone please tell me when it was made and what it is (ex. Thank you for your time I just called Browning/Winchester and was told my md. I entered the number on Winchester's sight with no results. Your gun is probably a USRAC-made Winchester from the 80's.


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