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He said he used to think it would be be courageous to read all his the reviews of his performances, but then he realized it was miserable.Andrea Riseborough said she finds reviews debilitating, comparing the thick layer of fog that shrouds Los Angeles to the thick layer of fear she feels regarding acting."I wore his scarf, his coat…my performance constituted me dropping the Mexican accent, that’s it," said Norton.Iñárritu added that he would direct Norton who would in turn redirect him–"I was like the mirror in the mirror in the mirror." Zach Galifianakis, on the other hand, says he has never gotten a bad review."I have the typical nightmares of being on stage: forgetting my lines, being naked," Watts said.The film was shot to look like one long continuous take by "Gravity" cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, who received a rapturous round of applause during the press screening.



" Iñárritu also said that he dislikes how most modern super hero movies feign profundity: "Just being a kick-ass action movie is okay, sometimes," he said.

He still looks serious even as he offers up chocolate and jokes about the British weather. So just how seriously will he fare as the evil mastermind of a big studio franchise? In the fourth film of the billion-dollar series, The Bourne Legacy, he plays Colonel Eric Byer, the architect of numerous secretive defence programmes, including Jason Bourne's.



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