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pub food) to they sports they love (oval-shaped football vs. What are the differences in the dating culture between the US and the UK?

round-shaped football) and even differences in vocabulary. Before you can be “dating someone”, you have to ask someone out first.

If the date is going well, there is no reason to put any restrictions on the evening. Here, there is also a difference between the two cultures.


And American women might even have some certain rules pertaining to the first date like no kissing!For those Americans among us, most Brits have only heard the term 'dating' in Hollywood films.There may be many of you who are thinking, 'What do you mean, Brits don't date? Well, the following (long) post will attempt to explain why there is a difference in male-female courtship and highlight what the differences are.The best thing that we can learn from both cultures is that finding a partner is not that easy for everyone and sometimes it does take some work.

But don't forget the old saying "Fortune favors the bold! The tragic ineptitude of the English male by Leah Mc Laren English men are widely reputed to be the worst lovers on the planet.



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