Filipina dating secretss

“The weekends, you’re not able to devote it fully to your family because you take up half the day of Saturday catching up on sleep,” she says.

There are even sleeping quarters – some workers bunk there for several days at a time, only returning to their families on their days off.

For those speaking to the US, it’s Mickey Mouse ears. “They immediately ask for someone located in Australia to help them out,” another worker Dennis says.

“They tell me: you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re a monkey, we’re just feeding you peanuts to get work.” The Philippines has become so successful in the business, it’s overtaken India as the world’s largest call centre hub.

Once you go back to college you’re going to be the old man sitting at the back, the old boy sitting at the back and everyone is wondering what is he doing here?

ANNA MAY: I wouldn’t mind them working at a call centre if it makes them happy.

He dropped out of university to work there and support his family.


ANNA MAY: My kids like to spend time with me but sometimes in the morning when they’re awake I’m asleep. Anna May is on overnights permanently – she finishes around 4am. When I hung out with Alex on the phone, he always put on a happy face.

She juggles a demanding job with raising two kids; her youngest is six-year-old April. They’re highly educated; speak excellent English but demand relatively low salaries.


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