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(4) Biographical titles, and titles designated as "sources and documents," are not separated from other titles. 201 Local history 202 Florida 204 Statewide history .... (5) Titles are arranged, as far as possible, by regions, and topical classification is confined to titles that pertain to the United States in general. 196 Local history 197 South Carolina 198 Statewide history .... 204 Local history 205 The Gulf States 207 Alabama 207 Statewide history .... The American historical review, Richmond, Va.: Macmillan Co. American Jewish ar- chives, devoted to the preservation and study of American Jewish historical records. UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH LIBRARY SSSM^%,r:-^ 21236 1, (^ THIS BOOK PRESENTED BY Dr. i American History 1948 VOLUME II OF THE ANNUAL REPORT OF THE AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE YEAR I95O House Document Number 96 - 82d Congress, 1st Session Writings on American History 1948 Compiled by the Library of Congress James R. ^■^•v•» UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTON : I952 For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. The first volume of this series, listing publications of 1902, was issued in 1904, and the second, for publications of 1903, in 1905. Writings published during the 3^ears 1906-40 were listed in 33 volumes edited by Grace Gardner Griffin. No volumes have been prepared for the years 1941-47. Publications of the American Jewish Historical So- ciety. Lincoln, Neb.: American Assoc, of Colleges of Pharmacy.


(7) Titles are cited clu'onologically accord- ing to beginning date of subject matter, not alphabetically by author or by first word of title. 156 Local history 156 Pennsylvania 159 Statewide history .... 209 Local history 209 Louisiana 210 Statewide history .... 222 Local history 222 Kentucky 223 Statewide history ....

284 Local history 285 Nevada 286 Statewide history ....

286 Local history 286 California 286 Statewide history .... 297 Alaska 297 Hawaii 299 The Philippine Islands (to 1946) 300 Other Pacific dependencies . 302 Regional and Local History — Continued Territories and dependencies — Continued Page The Canal Zone 302 The Virgin Islands of the United States 303 Puerto Rico 303 International History in Rela- tion TO THE United States .

Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.


Ameri- can Association of University Professors bulletin. Ketchikan, Alaska: Alas- ka Magazine Publishing Co.


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