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Although we try to monitor this information for accuracy, we do not assume any responsibility legally for the answers given here, nor do we endorse any particular person's advice or opinion. Click below to see answers to your questions and contributions from other visitors regarding it...Please consult your doctor or other medical professional for further information or before trying any suggestions listed here. Welcome to the SPD Q & A, where questions, comments, thoughts, ideas, and gems of wisdom can be submitted via the form below. Your questions, concerns & comments will be posted on the site after approval. Daughter hates brushing technique - any other effective methods?I have a 4 year old boy who is becoming increasingly stressed with clothes, especially the neck of clothes, sleeves if …Daughter's Friend is a sensory seeking child My daughter is 12 years old and in he first year of Middle School.What is the appropriate age to test if a child has SPD I read somewhere that accurate diagnosis of SPD is determined when a child reaches 6 or 7. My 4 year old has just been asked to leave her second daycare in the past 2 months. My son had already been attending Occupational Therapy for SPD for 6 weeks, when his OT told me that she couldn't give us a "real" diagnosis. Is it wise to start my 6yr old SPD son sharing a room with his 3yr old brother?


She has a tendency to lose control of herself at the smallest …

As a result he is still in nappies and his medication makes …

Sensory Problem with All Clothing/Shoes & Shaken Baby Syndrome or head trauma My adoptive 6 year daughter Kyleigh, who is shaken baby syndrome survivor (age 4 mos.), developed issues starting with underwear at age 3. My son has SPD and a constant battle of Bum Picking My son is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with SPD since he was 6 years.

I can deal with virtually every aspect of his disorder apart from his constant …

5 Year old must take off pants and underwear to ride in the car My daughter has been getting increasingly particular about many things, but one that stands out as very odd and quite concerning since next year she will … My little boy who has SPD and has periods where he will not listen to me when I ask him to stop doing an unwanted, or even unsafe behavior. Statistics related to SPD and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities I am searching for reliable statistics related to the prevalence of sensory processing disorder among people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities …

I have tried Hanna Andersson, the Esme brand and others. Child covering his ears and not sounding words at 18 months?


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