Is chace crawford dating carrie underwood

Is it because when they do (Enquirer pics showing Travolta kissing another man), people still doubt and call shame on the report suggesting 2 men fondly kissing is the norm.

But we're getting there when it won't matter and people just naturally "come out" with no issues, like any straight, hot heterosexual man would. Who do we have to thank for this too pretty, pretty boy look in hollywood?

I actually don't remember seeing him with a girl, EVER, not even any dating rumors. He doesn't seem to beard either (well, not yet anyway). Dear OPMy idea of eternal damnation would be attending a dinner party with you and your friends.

Each time you get together that's what you talk about. Your reverence for "connected" people makes me wretch.

They are business people, maybe, who think way too much of themselves as do you. You probably hate the fems and think we should all drive a BMW and live in a nice white suburb, right? Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Chace Crawford, LOL, Taylor isn't gay. Kellan Lutz, again, where do you get this information?

Reading your posts makes me want to go volunteer or read something of value. There is and never has been anything to suggest he is anything other than straight.


And Chace LOLAFOTGIH- gay, COme on mhis a sleazy womanizing pg, he is gross.

he is a rat and his womanizing ways are well doctumented and infamous. R30, the school psychologist will be glad to help you. A very pretty girlfriend of mine went to dinner with Chance and several others recently.


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    Sometimes it's better to hold out and not kiss for a long time.

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