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“He would just push school, school, school, school,” Leah says, “but I just didn’t want to do it.”It wasn’t the idea of school that Leah didn’t like; she just knew that she wanted to perform.What she didn’t know, however, was what type of performer she’d become.Then, when she was about 19, she decided to move to LA and try acting.Despite her father’s feelings about university, he and the rest of her family stood by her decision.Having three months off, it's just like when you start touring again: you have to adjust and get into the swing of things …So I'd just settled into being at home, and it's back to this. We [Dallas is married to Canadian TV presenter Leah Miller] have the greatest puppy in the world — her name is Alabama, and she's the best.“I know that sounds weird,” she says, “but it wasn’t what I wanted to do at the time.When you’re young, there are so many different jobs and careers that you think you want to do, and you change so much.” After all the years of dancing, performances in commercials as a child and the time she spent in LA, she was happy landing the VJ spot.



For somebody to take that…That Alexis tour must've been some nice closure for you.When she took dance classes, she took them because she loved dance.


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