Kristen stewart who is she dating


It was like, ' Okay, we'll work on this part and we'll work on this part.' It really was everywhere within each day, like Bill said. She's very much in her own head.""Basically what I'm saying is that being able to play a vampire, a human, a woman who's pregnant, a woman who about to get married, literally sometimes within the same day or sometimes within the same week – who knows – actually helped me remind me…everything felt more important to me and more relevant to me. So, I think if we did it more systematically, it just wouldn't have been the same.I think what that gave me is that she's thinking, like, she's always either looking into the future and thinking about what she's going to achieve - and ultimately in this movie she does get everything she wants - or she's sort of feeling bad about things. Everything was happening all at once and it was so sort of overwhelming that it was good.

She did confirm the relationship with Cargyle though, after it was really so obvious that she had no choice.I don't want to rush it because I want time off to see what I'm interested in, like what my interests are. Kristen Stewart: "It's so cool that you're saying that. It does make you feel a little bit like, ' Oh, I hope you guys do a good job,' because I can't do that part and it can ruin you, obviously, if you look ridiculous. So, those guys are amazing at what they do."During the wedding scene, as you walked down the aisle, what was going through your mind?


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