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Ever wish you could have a personal masseuse to work on those tight muscles after every intense spin class?Well, you can – and you don’t need a Beyoncé budget either.Relax and Revive- A traditional Swedish/Circulatory massage, nurturing the power of the immune system while helping one's body combat the effects of daily stresses by circulating blood and lymph fluid and moving our prana, or life energy.Reflexology- A therapeutic foot masssage based on the idea of energy channels or lines throughout one's body, connecting organs to body parts.Costs £30 per hour session and also includes complementary bottle of organic massage oil, weekly class routine hand out notes and on the final week parents and babies will receive their completion certificate.(Travel cost may be included if further than a 10-Baby shower, maternity leave, new baby or christening, every new mum/parent would love the gift of a massage class or course so why not introduce them to the wonderful world of baby massage or baby yoga.Baby Massage is one of many ancient traditions which can help new mothers give their infant the best possible start in life, promoting both health and the feeling of security that all babies crave.In many cultures, massaging babies is an art passed down from generation to generation.


One to one sessions allow us to focus on particular areas you may want to work on or specific problems you may be experiencing, for example colic or slow digestion.Come on over to my office or enjoy your treatment in the comfort of your home or hotel: 1 Hour: * 1 1/2 Hours: 5* 2 Hours (traditional for Thai Massage): 0* *There is a fee added to in home treatments; and an additional charge applies for travel outside of the Big Sky Meadow Village area.You can also find Callie at the Yellowstone Club Health and Wellness Center.Therapeutic Massage- An effective combination of therapeutic modalities including Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy and Thai Massage in order to help facilitate one's own healing process.

Thai Massage- An ancient system of massage dating back over 5,000 years that incorporates moving and stretching the body into different positions while simultaneously opening the Sen Sib, or energy lines, that run throughout the body.

This style of massage is traditionally done on a mat, while the receiver is comfortably dressed.


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