Medical records updating meaningful use


House Bill 3400, passed in the 2015 Legislative session, requires OHA to register grow sites in order to track and regulate the production of marijuana, and requires growers to submit monthly reports to OHA.


In addition, a receipt from the OMMP will be mailed to you if you submit what appears to be a complete application.OHA’s rules require that a processor or dispensary report, on a monthly basis, the amount of marijuana items, by type, transferred into and out of the facility. In addition, dispensaries are required to report quarterly on their early retail sales.See the Early Retail Sales Reporting page for details.If you have a question that isn't answered here, you may call us by phone at 971-673-1234. We cannot verify or send confidential information by email. OHA will only be collecting data on total monthly transfers and WILL NOT be tracking individual products as they are transferred through the supply chain.

Consistent with the requirements in House Bill 3400, OHA's rules require growers, processors and dispensaries to report the total amount of marijuana transferred to each patient, processor and dispensary on a monthly basis.

The more calls we receive, the slower we process applications.


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