Meet dating store

And besides, if you don’t meet anyone who makes your heart race, you can engage in a little retail therapy afterwards — which is probably what these stores have in mind in the first place.

So whether you’re a geek, cheapskate, or fashionista, stores are hoping to help play matchmaker for you.

Tekserve, a New York City computer store that specializes in Apple products, takes at least that one potential area of incompatibility off the table.

Targeting a demographic that might be more comfortable expressing their hopes and emotions from behind a screen, the store held an event the weekend before Valentine’s Day that combined advice from relationship experts about putting together an online dating profile and avoiding online dating mistakes with the opportunity to mingle offline with like-minded singles. Find your penny-pinching partner at the dollar store.


It’s also a time when they won’t have the crazy screaming kids running around. But, like with everything, there are some best practices.Gap Inc’s Banana Republic stores, for example, joined forces with and blogger Joy Cho to hold dating events in its stores in eight major cities including San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.If sparks fly, you’re in a convenient place to pick up some new threads for your next date. Head Games Salon in Portland, Me., aims to connect couples together at its first-ever speed dating event.The chain 99 Cents Only is hosting a speed dating event on February 14 at its Sunset Boulevard store in Los Angeles.

Hollywood may be known for the millionaire celebrity lifestyle, but we predict lots of romantic, candlelit dates that end with someone pulling out a Groupon.It creates an easy, open and no pressure way to meet other singles. Finding love at the grocery store has as much to do with timing as it does approach.


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