Nosmo king dating

People here us they describe me as a lovely lady with a big heart and a beautiful smile with a beautiful eyes, easy going kind of person who likes to stay in fit, workout, swimming, and trying new's hard to explain myself so that's all I can say, try to I am a real and ordinary woman, without gorgeous looks, but kind looking with a simple and honest educated and independent, with a good understanding of different cultures based on my experience.I am family oriented, with good attention Many sites claim to be free but hit you with surprise charges after you join.


He was touring the music halls before World War I, but he remained relatively obscure until the 1920s, when he went by Nosmo King.Piece of Peace greeting to you and yours from me and mine. Forever and always, Yvonne Hedley Author/Illustrator The No Smo KING Experience in the Land of Harmony The Nosmo King - United States Federal Registered Trademark #4,091,156 owned by Yvonne Hedley, Canadian Trademark registration Intellectual Property Office TMA512,211 owned by Yvonne Hedley, United States Library of Congress Copyright The Nosmo King 1996 owned by Yvonne Hedley, Canadian Copyright Canadian Intellectual Property Office 1996 owned by Yvonne Hedley No Reproduction without permission/license.


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