Office 2016 offline address book not updating

Updating the OAB is also possible through the Power Shell console …

via the command As a fallback you can add the Synchronizer users to the addressbook of the Sync User through the OWA (Outlook Web Access).

For Exchange 2013, OAB version 4 supports Outlook client versions from Outlook 2007 upwards.

Figure 1-2: Client Support Options in the Exchange 2013 OAB How the OAB is generated in Exchange 2013 has changed when compared to previous versions of Exchange.

Figure 1-2 shows the details of the OAB properties in Exchange 2013, as retrieved using the Get-Offline Address Book cmdlet and filtering for the Versions parameter.

Here, it can be seen that only version 4 of the OAB is provided.

Something wrong with Schema update or did you mess up the infrastructure.


Restarting the service MS Exchange System Attendant did not even fix this?**Offline Address book data are saved first only on the Organization Mailbox** Then Once its got Updated it Serves the latest data to the Clients How to Force update the Offline Address book Additional Info – Type of Distribution used in Exchange 2013 Exchange 2013 Uses only One Type of Distribution –Web-Based Distribution 1 .


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