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A year ago, I thought Relevant had the potential to be a noteworthy publication. A culture magazine cannot thrive in a place like Orlando. It cares about the next cool trend (and yeah, social justice is their latest "trend". The two blended into each other, and came back to bite him.I hoped it would someday become our country's primary source for relevant discussions about faith and culture in our post-modern society. Q-Tip and Mickey Rourke on the double cover don't necessarily scream "christian hipster." On the surface, Relevant Magazine looks like it might be above the Christian industry. If you can even imagine such a despicable thought.), and it wants to prove that christians can be trendy too. So when a personal problem comes along, the only thing he can do is take a sabbatical and leave his audience wondering, "what happened? What's happening with his life, he always kept us up to date before."Relevant Magazine was misnamed. Unfortunately, Relevant is actually a very small company.


I went out with a guy if I thought he was cute, funny and if he liked me.

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