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Omega is also the last letter in the Greek alphabet, which seems appropriate!

So download and install the Omega theme the way you normally do. Loco Translate isn't responsible for setting your Word Press language, but we'll cover this step because it's important.

We'll be switching to Greek later on to check our custom translations are working, but the language setting isn't required while we add them.

Before you do any translating, make sure the following folder exists on your site, and is writeable by the web server: subfolder is there to protect your custom translations from automatic translation updates.

Files inside the theme folder will get deleted by Word Press updates, so don't save anything in there unless you know what you're doing.

For more detail, see our guide to language folders.

If you're not familiar with changing file permissions see our guide to filesystem access, and ask your hosting provider or system administrator if you have any doubts.

Looking inside the Omega theme folder we can see a .

In this case we know it exists because Omega is localized properly.

This guide will walk you through adding your own translations to a theme that has already been set up for translation.


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