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But given the size and importance of its investment bank, Barclays’ request will present the biggest test of the Bank of England’s mettle.

It will no doubt seek to bolster its case by arguing that most of Europe’s banks are retreating from investment banking.

It’s merely an observation, with Conlan’s first outing pencilled in for five months from now. “I haven’t spoken to her about it but I have read about it. When the Kazakh fighter Zhanibek Alimkhanuly beat the Donegal man in the world championship final, it was his first loss in an 18-month run of 33 fights. There is great sparring there and I believe good sparring is what makes boxers what they are.

I thought maybe she would have taken a little bit more time before she jumps into her debut. Quigley relocated from Ballybofey to Los Angeles, where he is working his way up the rankings. It’s part of their success.” A new career with an almost new family in a new country and the warm, flip-flops-and-shorts life of southern California replaces the cold breeze of Divis Mountain.

It is a different sport and it takes a bit of time. “I’ve been training with pros since I was 12 or 13 years old and sparring pros with Jamie and stuff. A lot of the amateurs are upright and stiff but I’d always got that upper body strength and basic stuff because I’ve trained with them. First of all you’ve got the smaller gloves, which means you get hit really hard. Just a few months older than Conlan, he’s now 11 wins from 11 bouts. Belfast will soon be in his rearview mirror but as Conlan understands, it will never go away, it will always be there.

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It was a defining moment for Olympic boxing and a firm slamming of the shutters on Conlan’s amateur career. “You know if I reacted the same way, it would look like I was a sore loser and I’m not a sore loser. What happened to me and for the reasons it happened – we know that now because of what happened afterwards, I feel I was justified.” Conlan’s condemnation of Olympic boxing and the IOC as corrupt prompted the International Boxing Federation to send home six unnamed judges from Rio.

That was the highest annual figure since records began in 1970 and also a 19 per cent increase on the number recorded the previous year. Maybe that too is the heritage that comes with the city, one that largely governed itself for many decades and one where authorities are still trying to gain lost ground after years of mistrust.

Belfast’s natural default setting is to be anti-authoritarian and boy did Conlan express that side of him in Rio de Janeiro. Luisne [his daughter] and Shauna [his partner] are coming too,” he says. I just wouldn’t be able to do it without them coming with me.

You wouldn’t know it from its public statements, but Barclays is actually a very busy bank right now.

It is expected to announce the appointment of American investment banker Jes Staley as its chief executive within a matter of days and at the top of his in tray will be his chairman John Mc Farlane’s decision to test the temper of Treasury Select Committee chairman Andrew Tyrie on the subject of ring-fencing retail banks.It will likely say that it would be good for Britain, and for London’s financial centre, to have a representative at the industry’s top table.


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