Signs you re dating a loser

Don't waste your time — not even a second — on a loser. Oh and if a friend has forwarded you this article – read it again, very carefully.

I see so many things that he can be, but he doesn’t seem to see them in himself. I’m getting so frustrated because I feel like this man could be everything to me but he’s so lazy and so content being what he is. When you meet somebody, you see a man based on what you want him to be. If you make it further down the road, and the relationship ends, it will be because of the same warning signs that you saw in the first 30 days but chose to ignore.

The man you think is such a winner is only a winner in your fantasy driven eye. Date a man based on who he shows up as, not on what you think he is going to be or could become.

Most of the men you meet, you will probably only go out with for 30 days or less.

If he’s a man who wants to work on himself you’ll see it in the first 30 days. It will be a great topic of conversation when you talk.

You should never make excuses for a loser or think that you can “fix” him.

Check out these signs that might help you figure out if you’re dating a loser…Before we start, it's important to clarify what we mean by “loser.”We aren't talking about a “nerd” loser, like someone who knows all the letters in the alphabet and who has probably been plotting to kill us for years of torment in high school.

No, we are talking about those degenerate, unemployed, starter-cap wearing, no-hope bums who still live at home with their parents, yet inexplicably manage to date hot girls.

It's not your job and more importantly, it's impossible.


Losers never ever change or improve themselves; it's one of the key skills required of being a loser!A man is never going to change unless he wants to change. It’s amazing how much they can talk about all the things they’re going to do and all the things they’re going to be, but in reality, they are never any of those things. Everybody makes decisions about who they want to be and everybody is allowed to live life however they want to live it. Listen to what he does, listen to what he says and watch the man unfold. There are constantly things that need to be changed, and ways to evolve in our lives. You don’t need to date somebody who is not ready to go down the road that you’re at right now.


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