Tips dating taller women Be naughty dating trumbull ct free


Are you going to hang out with a girl who’s taller than you?

Then you should acknowledge some tips and tricks not to look like you’re mother and son!

Tell her how you feel and she will probably be just as happy to wear flats as stilettos.

But, let her know that you love her just as she is, no matter what she decides.

Reason Tall Women Don’t Date Shorter Men There are a number of reasons women give for not dating shorter men. You never hear a tall man complain that kissing his much shorter girlfriend makes his back hurt.

I refuse to believe that woman are so frail that slightly stooping to kiss their man is going to hurt their back.

Talking about dating a taller woman would be incomplete without acknowledging the advantages of her height. What guy wouldn’t want to date a woman with long, sexy legs?


Taller Women Dating Short Men Let’s discuss a topic we’ve never remotely touched on before: tall women dating shorter men.

While I wouldn’t say it’s a social stigma for a woman to be taller than the man she dates or marries, when the two of them go out, there’s a good chance this couple is going to get a few stares.


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