Trolling online dating

Here are six sobering facts about online dating services and a few suggestions for routing around the privacy pitfalls. Your dating profileincluding your photos—can hang around long after you’ve moved on.

But having your data hanging around on a company’s servers, even if they aren’t actively serving that content to the web at large, raises a host of privacy issues.

While there haven’t been reports about a hack of the straight-themed sister app, Blendr, security experts speculate that it suffers from a similar vulnerability. While this isn’t the case for every online dating site, Ok Cupid profiles are public by default and indexed by Google.


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    I was even more cheerful when I discovered that he was a 55-year-old German who bore a rather striking resemblance to me (with wrinkles). She hadn’t put a photo on her profile and it was obvious why.

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    Not into one night stands so dont reply if thats what u r looking for. Single Laid back, always laughing, great sense of humor. NOT Looking for I am a sexy russian woman in toronto looking for a man to spend money on me... dont try to seduce me or act like you are serious... I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything.

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    Read more and join the discussion at the IEEE SDN Blog.

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    These appear as yellow oil barrels with Rockstar's logo printed on them.

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    There are also accounts of flying automata in the Han Fei Zi and other texts, which attributes the 5th century BC Mohist philosopher Mozi and his contemporary Lu Ban with the invention of artificial wooden birds (ma yuan) that could successfully fly.

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    These women just want to get laid as much as you do.

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    Do you want to date casually during the time that he’s dating casually or did you say that to establish a fair playing field without intending to act on it?

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