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For example, a calculated field can represent a new value, a custom sort order for a set of field values, or an existing field that is converted to a different datatype.

For more information, see The following report items can display data from a dataset: Textbox, Table, Matrix, List, Chart, and Gauge.

Note In Windows Forms, the data-binding architecture takes care of sending changes from data-bound controls to the dataset, and you do not have to explicitly update the dataset with your own code.

For more information, see Windows Forms Data Architecture.

Guys, I am looping thru a dataset and need to update rows' columns based on the Column Name value. What I need to do is update the value of the date field in the dataset so that it doesn't blow up the back end code - which it does now. A day like today (march 21, 2008) would make it choke because the front end would be sending 21/3/2008 (standard Canada date format) - Progress expects there to be a numberic value between 1-12 in the first two byte postions, but obviously 21 is greater than 12, hence the minor mushroom cloud and a failed database update.


= "MM/dd/yyyy") I'm new to C# and I'm having some issues with the fact a dataset is an object and how to then maniuplate that object's column and/or row values. The application has a back end handled by a Progress database. To String()); foreach (Data Row dr Item Plan in ds Item Demand. Rows) Maybe this will help somebody else who is new to C#. Basically, the back end database is Progress, which was installed on the clients' machines in M/D/Y format(at least my guess).

To String()); string British Date; string USDate; if (s Date !



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