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, Stress Due to Fear of AIDS Worth .7 Million, Stress and Clinical AIDS in Hl V-Infected Patients, More on Stress and Aging, Stress-Related Hypertension Iinked to Dietary Sodium/Potassium, Pavlov, The Immune System and Cancer, Does Stress of Hearing Impairment Contribute to Alzheimer’s, More on Stress Reduction Effects of Pets May 1989 includes: The Effect of Menstrual Cycle on Mood in Women and Their Husbands, Stress Reduction Therapy for Hypertension, Stress increasing in Children, Electrocardiogram Changes Associated with Physical and Mental Stress, Identifying Patients with Stress-Related Hypertension, Hostility and Cardiovascular Reaction to Stress in Men and Women, Noise Stress and Helplessness, Use of Beta Blockers in Stress-induced Heart Disease , More on Physicians Stress, Dolphin Stress and Ulcers , Teenage Stress, Health and Behavior, Drug Prevents Artery Damage During Social Stress, Social Isolation and Death in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease June 1989 Includes: The Fatal Link Between Cancer and Depression, Stress, Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Stress and Herpes, Stress, Cancer and the Brain, Microstress and Arthritis, Reducing Stress Reduces Arthritic Complaints, Social Support and Adjustment to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Improving the Immune System with Vitamin E, Can Vitamins Reduce Risk of Cancer July 1989 includes: Stress and Arthritis: Cause and Effect, What Kinds of Stress Cause Rheumatoid Arthritis? , Stress Reduction Therapy for Arthritis, Self Help Reduces Stress and Arthritic Complaints, Pseudo-Arthritis and Stress , The Low Back Pain-Stress Connection August 1989 includes: Nervous System Pathways of Sudden Death, Heart Attacks and Sudden Death, Who Is At Risk for Sudden Death, Scared to Death, Cultural Shock and Sudden Death, Personality Emotions and Sudden Death, Stress and Sudden Death in Animals, Stress and Sudden Death in Japan, Sudden Death and Circadian Rhythms September 1989 includes: Are There Stress Reducing Foods and Diets? , US workers Increasingly Dissatisfied, But Japan is Worse, Job Stress and Pregnant Workers, Workers Pay to Hammer Car to Reduce Their Stress, Burnout in Prison Officers, Beating Burnout and Brownout, Environmental Illness of Job Stress, Patients Who Refuse To Get Well, A Messy Desk is a Sign of an Overworked Person, Increased Cholesterol Due to Threat of Job Loss, Stress Affects Anitbody Titers after Vaccination May 1992 Includes: Stress and Diabetes, Postre- Stress and Cholesterol, New Mental-Mental Claims Crisis, Depression and Aging, Coffee-Coke and Craziness, Stress Reduction and Fraud, Japanese Electronic Stress Reduction, Socio-Economic Support and Heart Attacks, Olive Iol- Lemon Juice and Celery, Stress Reduction Lowers Cancer Deaths, California Curtails Compensation Claims, Living to be 100, Stress and Wall Street June 1992 Incudes: Check on That Chicken, Radar Speed Traps and Your Heart, Reach Out and Blush Someone, Job Stress and Marital Tension, The Manganese-Madness Connection, Streee-poverty and Mental Illness, Police File Job Stress Claims For LA Beating, Feeling Blue? , Stress and Allergies, Working Women Healthier Than Housewives, July 1992 Includes: Stress-Alcohol- Heart Attacks and Cancer, Biofeedback for Hypertension, Teacher’s Hypertension Not Due to Job Stress, Worker’s Compensation For Karoshi, Suppressing Marital Anger and Heart Attacks, Stress-Self-Esteem and Low Back Pain, Liability Insurance Covers Mental Stress August 1992 Includes: Stress Comes to Mexico, Hostility Helps Heart Attack Recovery, New Light on Eating Disorders, Aromatherapy: The New Stress Buster, Reducing Repetitive Motion Injuries, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Stress, More Musicians- The Best Key to Play in May Be Low Stress, Detecting the Stress of Lying, Testosterone-Stress and Marriage, Stress Reduction Tape Makes Billboard list, Crime Does Pay September 1992 Includes: Bungee Jumping and Stress Hormones, Teddy Bears for Stress, More on Low Serum Cholesterol and Suicide, The Stress Reduction Effects of Social Support and Touching, Hypnotizing the Bowel, Stress and Breast Cancer, Social Support and Immune System Dysfunction, Can Behavioral Therapy Change Brain Function October 1992 Includes: Argument and Agreement About Acupuncture, The Arrival of American Acupuncture, Chi, Tao, Yin and Yang, Meditators, Yogis and Mystics, Eastern Medicine and the Biopsychosicial Model, Theories of Underlying the Stress Reduction Effects of Oriental Medicine, Holistic Awareness, Clinical Experiences with Psycho-Acupuncture, Objective Proof of Acupuncture Effects of Cerebral Function with Computerized EEG and PET Scanning, Roe of Yoga Therapies in Psychosomatic Disorders, Eastern and Western Yogis, Human Potential and Practical Applications: From Alcoholism to Psychoneuroimmunology November 1992 Includes: Physiologic VS., The Carbohydrate-Depression Connection, Stress Heart Attacks and Sudden Death, Sudden Death During Exercise, Stress and Low Back Pain, What Is Type A Behavior, Do You Have Type A Behavior, Reducing Stress and Type A Behavior, What is a Heart Attack, Stress and Heart Attacks[/toggle] [/tab] [tab title=”1990-99″] [toggle title=”1990″]January 1990 Includes: Non-Drug Treatment of Hypertension, IBM Job Cuts Sign of Stress, Which Stress Reduction Technique is Best For Hypertension, Did Dawin Die fro Stress Chagas’ Disease, Jet Noise Exposure and Mortality, New Gallup Poll Confirms, That Stress is Costing Billions, Stress and the Skin, Is Wham-It the Anser to our Ills, Biofeedback for Hypertension- When does it work, New Form of PTSD, Stress and Multiple Sclerosis, How does Stress Contribute to Heart Attacks February 1990 Includes: The How’s and When’s of Biofeedback Therapy, Can Reducing Type A Stress benefit Men, More of the Effects of Petting, Can Good Stress Make You Sick, Changes in the Evolution of the Type A Concept, Wartime Stress and Coronary Heart Disease, Stress Reduction Courses for Medical Students, The Stress of Bereavement- Are Widows Different from Widowers, Is Type A the Same as Coronary Prone Behavior, Job Stress and Heart Attacks, Stress- type A Behavior and Cardiovascular Reactivity, Biological Clocks, Heart Attacks and Sudden Death March 1990 Includes: “Sick Building Syndrome and Collective Stress Attacks, Stress is Number 1 Work Risk for Females, G A Year for Widow of Overworked Judge, Do Stressed Employees Need to be Kneaded, Pete Rose and the Stress Lie Detector test, Does being Happy Make You Healthy, Improving Your IQ With Good Stress, Does Being an Only Child Raise Your Blood Pressure, Good Stress- Health and Adrenalin, Does Stress-Related Hypertension Cause Permanent Damage, Stress and Suicide in AIDS- Infected Patients, Making Stress Work For You, Did Collective Stress Syndrome Take Its Toll, Psychosomatic Pains Aren’t Imaginary, Evaluating Stress in Hostages April 1990 Includes: Lawyer Stress Escalating, Can Being Sociable Make You Live Longer, Stress- Yips and Putting, The Effect of Stress on PMS Century, Oriental Stress reducing Devices, Job Stress due to incompetent bosses November 1991 Includes: Good Health Equals Good Communications, A New Paradigm Shift, Is there an Electrical Circulatory System, Strike up The Band, The Blessing and Bane of Stress December 1991 Includes: Urban Mud Baths, Spas, and Stress Reduction, Stress of Possible AIDS Worth Million, Psychological Stress and Death after a Heart Attack, New Emotional Stress Test, Stress and Bowel Cancer, Stress and Precocious Puberty, Changing Concepts of Type A Behavior, Childhood Stress Reaching Epidemic Proportions , Fitness Prevents Stress Ills, Are Infections Due to Germs or Stress, More on Stress and Diabetes, Stress Reduction Effects of Aquariums, Alpha Waves and Stress Reduction in Japan[/toggle] [toggle title=”1992″]January 1992 Includes: Repetitive Stress Injuries, Exercise Reduces Risk of Diabetes, Foie Gras, Red Wine and Heart Attacks, Stress and the Cuddling Hormone, Stress Reduction Effects of Music, Stress Graves Disease and President Bush, Stress in Children, A Drinking Man’s Diet, Vending Machine Mania, Can Sharks Provide a Cancer Cure, Olive OIl, red Wine and Heart Attacks, Car for Commuter Stress February 1992 Includes: Vitamin D-Sun and Cancer, Burnout and Workaholics Anonymous, How Early do Babies Learn Language, The health Benefits of Pets, Curing Cancer with Electricity, Harnessing Electromangnetic Energies, Coffee, Chewing gum and an Apple a Day Confusion, Antifreese From Fish, Cholesterol Controversy Continues, Kids and Cholesterol Confusion, Hew Hope for Natural Drugs, Stress and AIDS, PTSD Proliferating March 1992 Includes: Mixing Medicine and Alcohol, Racial Reactions to Medication, Stress and Arthritis, Woodpeckers’ Territorial Triumph, T. Pharmacologic Effects of Vitamins, Linus Pauling and Vitamin C, Stress-Aging and Antioxidants, Trace Elements and the Irony of Iron, Reducing Wear and Tear of Stress, The Effect of Stress on Hepatitis B Vaccination Results, Stress Response and Type a Behavior in Pre-School Children, Nurse Collects for Emotional Distress, Type A Behavior and Blood Clotting, Stress and IBS in Females, Stress- Serotonin and Violence, Stress and Relapse of Breast Cancer, Can Stressful Dreams Kill?, Helping Stressed out Pigs and Smokers, Stress and Impotence: Use It or Lose it, Do Dogs Have ESP?, Golf Stress is Killing The Japanese, Scents, Stress and A Mother’s Milk November 1993 Includes: Kriegbasedow and Stress, A Biopsychosocial View, Depression Over Heart Attack Could Be Fatal, Monitoring “White Coat” Hypertension, Music Therapy For Heart Attacks, Stress Reduction Effects of Tpouching, The Music of Type A Behavior, Marital Spats and Your Immune System.Rookie Status is lost when during a previous season or seasonsthe player exceeded 130AB, 50IP, or 45 days of service.Note there are some special cases caused by appeals based on service & DL time.December 1992 Includes: Perception and Imagery, Type A Behavior and Golf, Stress and Insomnia, Stress and the Pot-Bellied Car, Stress and Sleep in Kids, Stress Reduction Effects of Religious Faith, More on Exhaustion and a Precursor of Cardiac Death, Chaos Theory and Stress, The Effect of Stress on Treatment For Respiratory Infections, Exhaustion-Job Stress and Heart Attacks, Stress and Platelet Clumping, Stress-Illness and Coping in Antarctica, Behavior and Sudden Death, Job Stress in Health Care Providers[/toggle] [toggle title=”1993″]January 1993 Includes: Instant Meditation with Tranquilite, High Fat Diets Increase Stress Levels, Are Cat Brains Shrinking die to Stress, Noisy Jobs and Hypertension, Can a Woman Postpone Death, PTSD Defense for Stolen Credit Card, How Healthy are CEO’s, Hospital Noise Stress, Mental Stress Raises Cholesterol and Keeps it High, Exercise Reduces Cardiovascular Responses to Menatl Stress, Emotional Distress Without Injury Compensable, Coping with Earthquake Stress, Strenuous Jobs and Ulcers, Payment for Suicide Due to Job Stress is Tax Exempt, Is Low HDL Responsible for Heart Attacks in Type A’s February 1993 Includes: Family Stress and Coronary Risk in Kids, Stress Treatments Costs Hunter His Gun Card, Evaluating Hospital Job Stress, Stress Affects URI Treatment, Evaluating Alternative Medicine, Stress Burnout in EMS Personnel, Conquering Conduct Disorder, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Helo For Stressed-Out Polics, Can Electromagnetic Exposure Make You Crazy?, I Can Feel It in My Bones, Making Sense out of Scents, Cosmic Energies and Sudden Death March 1993 Includes: The Birth of the Dietary Fat-Cholesterol Taboo, The Framingham Study and Risk Factors, Free Radicals and Antioxidants, Stress and Cholesterol, High Fat Diets Do Not Cause Heart Attacks, The Commercial Cholesterol crusade, The Failure of Cholesterol Lowering Drug Trials, What is a Heart Attack, The Cholesterol Cartel and Educating the Public, Can Odors Make You Smarter and Thinner?


ALSO INCLUDED IN THIS ISSUE: Treating Hypertension: Are the Blind Leading the Blind?, Kangaroo Stress, Cancer Survival Time Improved with Stress Reduction and Social Support, Does Hospital Staff Stress Threaten Patient Care?, Health Insurance for Treating Stress-Related Disorders? Not Always, Silicon Valley Stress, Hot Peppers for Diabetic pain, Stress Reduction to Treat Angina, Computer Stress Costly and Climbing, Do Type A Moms have Type A Babies, Japanese Workaholism on the Wane, Blood Pressure Hyperactivity and Heart Attacks April 1992 Includes: New Computer Stress Test Measures Fitness, Job Stress in Medical Residents, Why is America So Tired?If you have a special interest in a niche area of stress management please contact us for further information or directions to the correct resource.

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, The Surprising Stress Reduction Effects of the Beach, More on Cardiovascular Circadian Rhythms.[/toggle] [toggle title=”1989″] January 1989 includes: Dr.



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