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Maintenance windows define a window of time during which a reboot can occur.

These operate in addition to reboot strategies, so if the machine has a maintenance window and requires a reboot lock, the machine will only reboot when it has the lock during that window.

We still strongly believe Facebook should include a large “Turn off Facebook Memories” button next to the content in your news feed, because this is an awkward and well-hidden workaround that a lot of people will never find by themselves.

But in the meantime, if we can help people avoid seeing things that make them sad – or just irritated – we’re happy to help.

These strategies control how that reboot occurs: strategy mandates that each machine acquire and hold a reboot lock before it is allowed to reboot.The URL is automatically pointed to the new version of Core OS as it is released.In case when you don't want to install updates onto the passive partition and avoid update process on failure reboot, you can disable Each machine should check in about 10 minutes after boot and roughly every hour after that.Holly is the founder and editor of Gadgette, and recently won Woman of the Year.

She’s been writing about tech for the best part of a decade, and is firmly #Team Android.In order to meet everyone's needs, there are four update strategies that we have developed based on feedback during our alpha period.



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