Updating rockstar social club

The section also narrows the list down to include the highest scoring players in specific multiplayer modes (player or ranked matches).

This section lists and ranks all players who have completed the main storyline. The list, illustrated within a pocket book, is backed by an interactive tabletop scattered with various items, memorabilia and photographs from the game that can be moved about using the mouse (the book itself can also be moved around).

Once registered, users can see their stats synced with the website and can enter contests only available to those who registered.

This section is exclusive to those who pre-ordered GTA Chinatown Wars for the DS through select retailers, allowing them to unlock special bonuses like the bulletproof Infernus.This section was removed soon after the release of the PSP version of the game.Launched in conjunction with the PSP version, Sum Yung Gai's Peking Duck Hunt is an online Flash game that involves creating pancakes.This section lists and ranks all players who have completed the game.

Only those who completed the game can view this section.

The list, guide, banknotes and magazine can be moved around.



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