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Melissa O’Neil’s first job was working the front desk for a dating service, but this was before the days of sites like e Harmony or“Back in the day before the internet, they would actually take videos of people doing all the things they do in the online forms now,” O’Neil says.

According to O’Neil, sometimes customers’ dating videos had outtakes.“The guys very much got in trouble and had to be edited for saying things about what they were looking for …


Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along comes Rent-A-Friend. Perfect for those who've decided that they're lonely.Share it with us or read through inspiring stories from some of our members.View Success Stories Few of us have time to spend making conversation when there’s obviously a lack of chemistry.and women were more on the side of saying things about themselves that they shouldn’t have said.”But O’Neil says she was able to learn something from the mistakes of all those video daters looking for love.“Seeing how people presented themselves and the kind of things they could do that would shoot themselves in the foot taught me a lot about how to present myself – obviously in the dating world – but more specifically in the work world,” says O’Neil.


We cut together our favorite parts from a 1987 dating service video given to us by David Cross and has since gone on to become a world-wide hit.Whatever your ethnicity or religion, we'll match you with singles who complement your personality and beliefs.


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    The KCRW Foundation Board of Directors is composed of business and community leaders; Michael Fleming, Executive Director of the David Bohnett Foundation serves as Chairman.

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    A state may choose to use this form as evidence that the issuer is authorized to submit its Plan ID Crosswalk.

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    If you watch an episode, you will see that the blur actually makes it less revealing than a bikini would.

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