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The satcaster announces Frank Flores is named vice president of Hispanic marketing and sales.He’ll oversee the marketing and advertising sales initiatives surrounding the Sirius XM Latino channels, which include ten exclusive commercial-free music channels covering a wide variety of music genres, and multiple Spanish-language sports and talk channels.


That is precisely what happened with highly personable Charlie Tuna, who passed away “peacefully in his sleep” more than a week ago (2/19) in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley (Tarzana) at the age of 71; he would have turned 72 next month (4/18)."GTM" (as he is affectionately known) did time at Boston's WCOZ, WZLX and WBOS. George Taylor Morris, National Radio Music Personality Passed Away at His Home in Reston, Virginia, from Throat Cancer.LOS ANGELES — God-given talent has catapulted a number of on-air talents to lofty positions, but when someone is shrewd enough to take that ability and combine it with an indefatigable will to win, they can soar to practically unlimited heights.Some people who work nights, like this reporter, will be in buildings where WEEI doesn't come in well. Some may remember the Boston FM dial was a vastly different place in the 1970's. ) is still there at the same place on the dial playing rock. WERS, WGBH & WBUR are still there in the same spots. DJ Bradley Jay finished it with Sinatra's "That's Life", Cream's "I Feel Free" (the first song WBCN played as an underground station, 3/15/68)and then Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". He recalls a time when radio faced a bigger challenge - and not only survived, but also learned how to thrive.

WCRB is still playing classical music, albeit from 99.5 now. I have to think this card is from the stations playing nothing but instrumental beautiful music. (Mostly automated.) The 70's FM dial reminds me a bit of the current HD-2 channels/formats....mostly automated and music intensive. This was followed by a memory montage ending with the voice of the Cosmic Muffin, the late Darryl Martinie, saying, "Over and Out", and white noise. Swartley looks back on radio's first big challenge: television"The moment television was announced as a reality, everyone immediately forgot about radio except for the newscasts," says Swartley, who was also a regional vice president of Westinghouse Broadcasting Co.But by the time he assumed the job of general manager at WBZ in 1946, following five years of Army service, Swartley says the medium had gotten more formal, with talk shows or radio plays, a concert every afternoon, and evening announcers in tuxedos.



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